V2 Pro Series 7


The quick why: The V2 Pro Series 7 is easily your best choice if you’re going for an all-in-one device for e-Liquid, Wax and Dry Herb. The device comes with the e-liquid and dry herb cartridges, but you’ll need to order the wax one separately. The cartridges magnetically hot-swap out, making the transition convenient and a little exciting. The V2 Pro Series 7 is the best option for taking on a trip because you can do comfortably vape any media. Even the performance of the oil cartridge is impressive, considering the high quality components necessary to vape e-liquids.



V2 Pro Series 7 Review Bottom Line

The V2 Pro Series 7 has the ability to be vape any type of substance (liquid, wax, herb). It is durable and performs very well in all categories. Small and discreet, well built and exceptional vapor quality when using with Herb, the V2 Series 7 is a good choice for beginners alike. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one vaporizer (which Series 7 is) that does eLiquid vaping, loose leaf herbs, and even wax vaping. The V2 Pro Series 7 is something you consider buying.

Recommended store: Buy directly from V2 Cigs Official Store.

In-Depth V2 Pro Series 7 Review:

The V2 Pro Series 7 is the improved version for the Series 3 and qualifies to be a full-fledged portable vaporizer.  In terms of dimensions, it is slightly shorter than the V2 Series 3 pen but much wider and heavier.  It is about 5 inches tall, has a maximum diameter of 1.36 inches and weighs 118.72 grams.  All these attributes give the Series 7 a distinctive look.  It is available in three colors – black, blue and steel.

Pro Series 7 All in One

The V2 Pro Series 7 is the improved version for the Series 3x and is compatible with Dry Herb, e-Liquid, and even stickiest wax.

Subtle changes make a huge difference

Though the Series 7 is only slightly different from the Series 2 (already phase-out in the market), it makes a huge difference when it comes to the vaping quality and flavor. This is attribute to some subtle changes made under the skin of this new offering from V2.  These changes include a much stronger 1800mAh battery, better e-Liquid capacity of 2.5ml.  These alterations not only enhance the overall performance of the Series 7, but also give you more draws per mg of the dry herb.  The battery can also sustain variable temperature settings which are 200 degrees Celsius, 210 degrees Celsius and 225 degrees Celsius.

Series 7 Kit

Remember: Wax cartridge is NOT included in the kit, If you want the wax cartridge you can buy it on V2 Cigs website.

Strong battery

The Series 7 comes with a strong 1800mAh battery that makes it a potent vaporizer.  With this much power at your disposal, you should be able to enjoy vaping for a couple of days if you are on E-liquids.  However, the battery life may vary as per your vaping habits.  To charge this battery, you get a convenient magnetic charger that can easily be attached to the bottom of the device.  You also get a wall adapter with the charger.  The charger also allows you to use the vaporizer even while it is plugged in.

Pro Series 7 Charger

This Magnetic charger is ONLY for Pro Series 7, Not compatible either with series 3x or series 9 (vice versa), this is quite a bummer, but it offers pass-thru vaping thou.

Easy to use mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of Series 7 is big enough to give the user convenience of taking long and plentiful draws.  It comes out with an easy twist; the magnetic mechanism does the rest for you.  The size of the mouthpiece also allows you to clean it without any hassles. In the beginning, you might find the draws a bit tighter but soon you will get used to it.  For best results, try to take short sipping style draws.

V2 Pro Series 7 Cartridges

This vape is the V2 Pro Series 7, which works the same way as the Series 3 pen but it’s larger and holds more material. It’s a 3-in-1 unit and has different cartridges for loose leaf, wax/oil, and e-liquid.

Variable voltage

This is another feature that makes the Series 7 a truly versatile vaporizer.  The first voltage is 3.7 Volts, the second 4.2 Volts, and the third 4.7 Volts.  You can choose your preferred voltage by hitting the power button twice.  Wait for the appropriate light and then hit the button again to select that voltage.  This mechanism allows you to get more vapor and warmer temperatures.

Series 7 Firing Button Variable Setting

To turn on, press the firing button 3 times, after turning on select from 3 voltage settings. In order, to do that press the button twice in rapid succession (should be quicker than half a second). Seeing three lights indicate the higher settings – 4.7V, seeing two lights indicate medium settings – 4.2V, and one light is the lowest settings – 3.7V.

Variable temperature settings

The Series 7 dry herb oven offers three different temperature settings -200,210 and 225 degrees Celsius. The lowest setting is just right for how we like our dry herb. If you go for the medium setting the herb will not last as long as the lower setting. The highest temperature setting is almost a redundant option as it burns the herb too quickly.  For best results use the medium temperature and in the middle of the vaping session, just give the herbs a little mix around with the dabber.

Easy cleaning

The Series 7 comes with a cleaning brush and dabber tool for you to clean the oven. Ideally, you should clean this vaporizer after every few sessions as the oven tends to gather some residue.  But the good thing is that the oven is fairly easy to clean. The filter on the mouthpiece is hard to take out at times and thus poses a bit of a problem in cleaning. Otherwise, the device is easy to maintain and easier to clean.

Series 7 Chamber

Make sure you clean out the loose leaf cartridge after every use. Keeping it dirty may result in losing your cartridge. So use the brush and pick to get that gunk and all the remains of your herbs after your session.

Herb/E-liquid/Wax Compatible

The V2 Pro Series 7 features a 2.5ml e-liquid cartridge/tank. This is quite a bit bigger than the 1.6ml tank that featured on the series 3 and will last you a decent time before you will need to re-fill.  This higher capacity certainly adds to the overall appeal of the Series 7 as it allows the user a better and more satisfying vaping experience.


The Series 7 vapes really well for e-liquids and is great for a mouth to lung style inhale. However, if you are want to purchase it just for vaping wax, it would not be a wise choice. This is because the wax cartridges are quite expensive.  However, if you vape both dry herbs and e-liquids Series 7 is your ideal device.

Final Verdict

So what do I think about the Pro Series 7? I think it’s better than Series 3x because it provides a lot more features than the Series 3x doesn’t have. When it comes to e-Liquids and dry herb vaping the Series provides now 3 variable voltage settings, the vapor production is pretty good and the flavor is great. Now, is it the Best e-Liquid vaporizer in the market? I think it’s NOT. Does it have the best loose leaf cartridge in the market? I don’t think so. But what makes this unit so good, is that it does both pretty well. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one vaporizer (which Series 7 is) that does eLiquid vaping, loose leaf herbs, and even wax vaping. The V2 Pro Series 7 is something you consider buying.

Where to buy the V2 Pro Series 7:

I recommend buying the V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer directly from V2 Cigs. To ensure safety in terms of warranty and services.


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